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FIRE-FLY Fire Equipment has been in the fire apparatus sales business for over 30 years, and for over 30 years we have represented the highest quality apparatus .  We also manufacture our own Bandit Mini-Pumper and Bandit Rescue series,   Tanker 1 series Fire Tankers, and Stinger Skid Load units personalized to meet each customer's needs.

We have a 6,000 square foot repair shop to work on your apparatus.  Two service trucks are available to do repairs in your station.  We have four factory trained service technicians available.

Call us at (814) 774-8036 to schedule your service appointments.

New Deliveries


Recent Deliveries


Apparatus Blueprints



Past Delivered Apparatus



P1030499.JPG (111210 bytes)


Clermont VFD 


Mecca Twp. VFD 

Harpersfield VFD Tanker 1

wpe5.jpg (20391 bytes)


Glade VFD Bandit


P1030540.JPG (100424 bytes)


Harpersfield VFD Tanker

Republic VFD

100_0395.JPG (2563940 bytes)


Adrian Sandy Twp. Fire Co. #3

adriansandyP1030550.JPG (108076 bytes)

Millcreek Twp. QRS

100_0442.JPG (2528261 bytes)


Springfield Twp. VFD, Mercer PA

P1030501.JPG (106058 bytes)

Hannastown VFD

hannastownP1030420.JPG (123066 bytes)


Butler Veterans Affairs Hospital

butlerVAP1030280.JPG (118910 bytes)

Corsica VFC

corsicaP1030260.JPG (113564 bytes)


Erie Fire Dept./PEMA

erieFDP1030171.JPG (119282 bytes)

Clermont VFD

clermontP1030086.JPG (127058 bytes)


Rimersburg Walk-In Rescue

rimersburgP1030048.JPG (93078 bytes)

Lander VFD

landerP1020842.JPG (112304 bytes)


Erie County Public Safety

eriecountyP1020833.JPG (255062 bytes)

Gouldsboro VFD

gouldsboroP1020800.jpg (110317 bytes)


Hamlin Twp. VFD

hamlintwpP1020785.JPG (66262 bytes)

Fleming Park VFD

flemingparkP1020741.JPG (71012 bytes)


PEMA Homeland Security

pemaP1020704.JPG (258074 bytes)

PEMA Homeland Security

pemacrop1.JPG (90496 bytes)



Rimersburg  Attack Pumper

rimersburgP1020690.JPG (72360 bytes)

Hunker VFD


Youngsville VFD

North Union Twp. VFD


Pitcairn VFC #2

Victory Vol. Fire Co.



South New Castle VFD

Platea Vol. Fire Co.


Glade Twp. VFD

Yukon Vol. Fire Dept.


Cleveland Fire Dept.

Millcreek Twp.


Bobtown and Dunkard Twp.

DSBobtownCr.JPG (119412 bytes)

Burrell Twp.

P1000750.JPG (84811 bytes)



DSC00389.JPG (27524 bytes)

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